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From Middle English flynt ston; equivalent to flint +‎ stone


flintstone (plural flintstones)

  1. A piece of flint.
    • 1858, Ecclesiological Society, The Ecclesiologist:
      The very poor will sometimes adorn the graves of those they love with oystershells, or flintstones, or small plaster busts, or tiles []
    • 1991, Damrongrāchānuphāp, Damrong Rajanubhab, Journey through Burma in 1936:
      At times when there was inadequate sunlight to focus through the lens, the king struck flintstones to ignite the flame in the same way.
    • 1964, United States Dept. of Agriculture, Yearbook of Agriculture:
      They stacked flintstones in a way that permitted night winds to pass around them and cool them so they collected moisture.

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