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floor-plan (plural floor-plans)

  1. Dated form of floor plan.
    • 1848, Henry Barnard, School Architecture; or Contributions to the Improvement of School-houses in the United States, New York, N.Y.: [] A[lfred] S[mith] Barnes & Co.; Cincinnati, Oh.: H. W. Derby & Co., page 182:
      CA, Cold-air Flue for First Story, which delivers the air from without, under the Stove, as shown at C A, in the transverse-section, (p. 184,) and at F, in the floor-plans.
    • 1896 January, “Notes and Extracts”, in Monthly Bulletin for the Providence Public Library. Providence, R. I., volume 2, Providence, R.I.: [] [T]he Library. Snow & Farnham, [], page 10, column 1:
      Although it can be made perfectly clear only by the use of a section drawing, a glance at the floor-plans herewith supplied may be of partial assistance.
    • 1897, Francis C[ruger] Moore, “Inside the House”, in How to Build a Home: The House Practical; Being Suggestions as to Safety from Fire, Safety to Health, Comfort, Convenience, Durability, and Economy, New York, N.Y.: Doubleday & McClure Co., →OCLC, page 43:
      These pieces of card of the exact size of bedsteads, bureaus, buffets, etc., can be moved about on the architect’s floor-plan of each room to determine the location of windows, doors, gas-brackets, etc.
    • 1985, Textile World, volume 135, page 8:
      Show visitors use the showguide (with floor-plan and ads) to pre-plan their limited visiting time (who and what equipment they want to see).