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flourish +‎ -ment


flourishment (countable and uncountable, plural flourishments)

  1. The act or state of flourishing.
    • 1985, Detlef Mader, Aspects of Fluvial Sedimentation in the Lower Triassic Buntsandstein of Europe, →ISBN:
      Such conditions are unfavourable for the installation and flourishment of a fauna and flora over longer periods of time.
    • 2005, Daniel J. Harrington, Harrington S J Daniel, & James F. Keenan, Jesus and Virtue Ethics: Building Bridges Between New Testament Studies and Moral Theology, →ISBN, page 43:
      Aristotle believed in human flourishment or happiness as do all Christians.
    • 2013, A. G. Macdonell, England, Their England, →ISBN, page 240:
      It almost looked, Donald decided finally, as if Winchester cared more for what happened to her boys in afterlife than for her own flourishment. Perhaps, after five hundred years of flourishment, that was a justifiable attitude, but it certainly was a little unusual.