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flower +‎ -et


floweret (plural flowerets)

  1. A floret, or small or component flower
    • 1828, Thomas Gent, Poems (1828)[1]:
      And, hark! she whispers in the zephyr's voice, Lift up thy head, fair floweret, and rejoice!
    • 1879, James Stevenson, Illustrated Catalogue Of The Collections Obtained From The Indians Of New Mexico And Arizona In 1879[2]:
      Handsome piece, with floweret at the apex, scrolls on the side, and a scalloped band around the middle.
    • 1894, John Muir, The Mountains of California[3]:
      The domestic sheep, on the contrary, is only a fraction of an animal, a whole flock being required to form an individual, just as numerous flowerets are required to make one complete sunflower.