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flower +‎ -ful


flowerful (comparative more flowerful, superlative most flowerful)

  1. (poetic) flowery, abundant in flowers.
    • 1880, Frances Ann Kemble, Records of a Girlhood[1]:
      So that in the spring the little plot of land was flowerful, and in the autumn fruitful, and we cordially indorsed my mother's preference for it to the London house in Soho Square.
    • 1907, Frederick John Lazell, Some Winter Days in Iowa[2]:
      States and the nation are setting aside big tracts of wilderness where rock and rill, waterfall and canon, mountain and marsh, shell-strewn beach and starry-blossomed brae, flowerful islets and wondrous wooded hills welcome the populace, soothe tired nerves and mend the mind and the morals.
    • 1917, Algernon Charles Swinburne, Astrophel and Other Poems[3]:
      Softer than sleep's are the sea's caresses, Kinder than love's that betrays and blesses, Blither than spring's when her flowerful tresses Shake forth sunlight and shine with rain.