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fluffy +‎ -ly


fluffily (comparative more fluffily, superlative most fluffily)

  1. In a fluffy way.
    • 2000, Claire Messud, The Last Life: A Novel →ISBN:
      At five or six I had, as other children did, invited little girls for games and goûter in our back garden, only to discover, one balmy afternoon early on, that my playmates had little interest in tag, or in my rows of fluffily attired dolls.
    • 2005, Barbara Taylor Bradford, A Woman of Substance, →ISBN, page 150:
      She was no typical Edwardian beauty, all pink marshmallow softness and swooning femininity; neither was she fluffily pretty or pert. But she was arresting and there was something indefinable about her that captured his imagination, []
    • 2011, Ada Leverson, Love's Shadow, →ISBN, page 5:
      Then she rang the bell, and the nurse brought in a pretty little boy of nearly two, fluffily dressed in white, who was excited at the prospect of his great morning treat - going down in the lift.