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From fog +‎ fall


fogfall (plural fogfalls)

  1. The act or time of a cloud of fog falling over an area.
    • 1998, Keith B. Hoddinott, Superfund Risk Assessment in Soil Contamination Studies: Third Volume, →ISBN:
      It becomes surface water runoff through atmospheric scouring associated with rainfall and fogfall.
  2. An instance (i.e. a cloud) of fog that has fallen or developed over an area.
    • 2000, Wallace Stegner, Angle of Repose, →ISBN:
      The fogfall that lay along the crest in a cottony roll was as white as the clouds of a fairytale. Only the heads of the men in the skip were visible from where she stood just outside the door of the shaft house.
    • 2003, Christopher Sandford, McQueen: The Biography, →ISBN, page 339:
      He could see it gilding the ridges westward and slowly burning the fogfall that lay over Topanga Park.
    • 2011, Ariel Dorfman, Desert Memories: Desert Memories, →ISBN:
      Roaring in from the south and the ocean, we saw a rolling white bank of clouds falling onto the bay and the town, a thick dense curse of a fog crawling downward, a fogfall,
  3. A tumbling of fog from a higher area to a lower one, visually reminiscent of a waterfall.
    • 2014, Martha Evans Wiley, Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, page 117:
      Approximately 1.25 miles of Virginia Highway 58 was rerouted to merge with US Highway 25E south of the gap. This photograph shows the phenomenon of the “fogfall,” when fog trapped in the meteorite crater of Middlesboro escapes [...]