folding stuff

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folding stuff (uncountable)

  1. (slang) Banknotes, paper money.
    • 1944, The New Yorker, volume 20, part 1, New York, N.Y.: F-R Publishing Corporation, ISSN 0028-792X, OCLC 423472442, page 61, column 1:
      Look at the money they drop in the sand. Halves, quarters, dimes, even the folding stuff. I've found two hundred dollars already this winter.
    • 1964, In Mexico, It’s the Custom, Señor!, [Mexico]: Comité Norteamericano Pro México, OCLC 20037772, page 13:
      Since North Americans are among the better-heeled portion of the world's population, it's only to be expected that they're pretty well supplied with folding stuff when they come to Mexico.
    • 1968, Roy P. Stewart, Country Boy Hornbook, Oklahoma City, Okla.: Oklahoma Publishing Company, OCLC 642389909, page 83:
      Folks around here 18 or 20 years ago who belonged to the writers' and poetry clubs and listened to a handsome, virile, teller of tales named Louis L'Amour, may be glad to know Louie seems to have caught up in Hollywood with some of that green, folding stuff he started reaching for long ago.