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food +‎ -ful



foodful (comparative more foodful, superlative most foodful)

  1. (dated) Supplying food.
    • 1720, Alexander Pope, The Iliad of Homer[1], 1899 ed. edition:
      Athens the fair, where great Erectheus sway'd, That owed his nurture to the blue-eyed maid, But from the teeming furrow took his birth, The mighty offspring of the foodful earth.
    • Wordsworth
      Wastes too bleak to rear / The common growth of earth, the foodful ear.
    • 1894, John Muir, The Mountains of California[2]:
      Of all the conifers [] , this foodful little pine is the commonest tree, and the most important.
    • 1903, Mary Hunter Austin, The Land Of Little Rain[3]:
      It seems that most seeds are foodful in the arid regions, most berries edible, and many shrubs good for firewood with the sap in them.