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Alternative forms[edit]


From drag one's feet.


foot-dragging (usually uncountable, plural foot-draggings)

  1. The deliberate delaying of obligatory action.
    • 1918, Francis Lynde, Branded‎, page 114:
      I am glad to be able to say that common honesty, or some shadowy simulacrum of it, revived presently and sent me back to the hotel, though not without terrible foot-draggings, you may be sure.
    • 2005, Clive Archer, Norway Outside the European Union: Norway and European Integration from 1994 to 2004, page 191:
      The tactics of pace-setting, foot-dragging, least resistance or fence-sitting could be used either in the making of policy or, later, in its implementation.
    • 2008, Maryann Dickar, Corridor Cultures: Mapping Student Resistance at an Urban School, page 154:
      Once in the classroom, students also employed foot-dragging strategies to slow the transition from the hall state to the student state.