for the love of Mike

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for the love of Mike

  1. (euphemistic) For the love of God.
    • 1921 April 16, Achmed Abdullah, “Framed at the Benefactor’s Club”, in Detective Story Magazine; republished in Fear and Other Stories from the Pulps, [Holicong, Pa.?]: Wildside Press, 2005, →ISBN, chapter IV (In His Pocket), page 104:
      "[…] But the police have an idea that I committed—" / "What—for the love of Mike?" / "Murder!" / "Good heavens!" / "And that isn't all, Bob. They've a couple of bakers' dozens of witnesses, all cocked and primed to swear to it!"
    • 1922, Sinclair Lewis, Babbitt
      "Ted, you listen to Mr. Thompson!" said Howard Littlefield. "Oh, for the love o' Mike, I am listening!" Ted shouted.
    • 1942, Upton Sinclair, Dragon's Teeth
      "For the love of Mike! What did you pay?" "Ten thousand francs apiece." "But, Irma, that's preposterous! He never got half that for a painting in all his life."

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