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Alternative forms[edit]


From fore- +‎ order.


foreorder (third-person singular simple present foreorders, present participle foreordering, simple past and past participle foreordered)

  1. (transitive, rare) To order beforehand or in advance; pre-order.
    • 1863, Frank Moore, The Rebellion Record, a Diary of American Events:
      And I foreorder and Ordain, That ere the sixth red moon shall wane, Those brothers' swords shall cross again, And the true shall smite down the false within the Virgin's waste domain.


foreorder (plural not attested)

  1. (rare) An order made in advance.
    • 1999, Panu Minkkinen, Thinking Without Desire: A First Philosophy of Law - Page 78:
      This guilt is an indication of a fore-order of Being-in-the-wrong (Im-Unrecht-sein), a fundamentally wrongful or “incorrect” mode of Being that constitutes Dasein's mundane existence.

Related terms[edit]