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From fore- +‎ smack (taste). Cognate with Dutch voorsmaak (foretaste), German Vorgeschmack (foretaste), Swedish försmak (foretaste).


foresmack (plural not attested)

  1. (nonstandard) A foretaste; a taste or sampling of things to come.
    I had a little foresmack of that hummus over there
    • 1893, James Vila Blake, More than kin:
      I know well thou wast foretasting my praise, as I returned to our study with a lively foresmack of thy biscuit.
    • 1976, Poul Anderson, A midsummer tempest:
      "I have a guardian's right, at least, thou wanton, to strip thee bare and flog thy back and butt till such foresmack of hell has chastened thee."