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From fore- +‎ talk.


foretalk ‎(plural foretalks)

  1. A talk beforehand; prediscussion talk.
  2. A foreword; preface.
    • 1872, Mary T. Tardy, The living female writers of the South:
      But before reading the poems, we look at the preface — it is rude to skip the preface, the little, private, confidential foretalk the author wishes to have with the reader [...]
  3. Small talk used prior to more meaningful conversation.
    • 1970, Medical aspects of human sexuality:
      He goes on, "The most feminine error during the period of foretalk is to subject her partner to withering cross-examination."
    • 1976, Bryan Holme, Viking Press, The Journal of the century:
      In determining whether the male is ready for conversation, the woman should not hesitate to employ the delicate techniques of foretalk.