fors and againsts

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fors and againsts pl (plural only)

  1. pros and cons
    • 1817, Jane Austen, Persuasion
      I was privy to all the fors and againsts, I was the friend to whom he confided his hopes and plans, [...]
    • 1892, Rhoda Broughton, Mrs. Bligh
      If the fors and againsts of any course of action were not so intrinsically mixed, [...]
    • 2007, Ray Dousset, Rotor in the Green
      We talked at length of the fors and againsts of each service [...]
    • 2012, Helena Grice, Asian American Fiction, History and Life Writing: International Encounters
      As with his preface, Kang short-circuits the intellectual fors-and-againsts of aid-giving [...]