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From Middle English forswolewen, forswoluwen, forswolȝen, forswalȝen, forswelȝen, from Old English forswelgan, forswilgan (to swallow up, devour, consume, absorb), from Proto-Germanic *farswelganą, *fraswelganą (to devour), from Proto-Germanic *fra- + *swelganą (to swallow), equivalent to for- +‎ swallow. Cognate with Dutch verzwelgen (to engulf, swallow up), Middle Low German vorswelgen (to swallow up), Middle High German verswelgen (to swallow up). More at for-, swallow.


forswallow (third-person singular simple present forswallows, present participle forswallowing, simple past and past participle forswallowed)

  1. (transitive, obsolete) To swallow up; devour utterly; engulf.