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Etymology 1[edit]

From Middle English *forthfaring, equivalent to forthfare +‎ -ing.


forthfaring (uncountable)

  1. The act or process of faring forth; departure.
    • 1905, Lippincott's Monthly Magazine: A Popular Journal of General Literature: Volume 76 - Page 327:
      Graeme was not too familiar with the city, and he led the way over to Canal Street, which he knew, before turning riverward. The forthfaring was in solemn silence, but after a block or two Felicita began to be sorry for her companion and once lived up to her name.
    • 1917, Winston Churchill, The dwelling-place of light:
      She was living — what did it all matter? She yielded herself to the witchery of the hour, the sheer delight of forthfaring into the unknown.
  2. A passing away; decease; death; departure.
    • 1906, Hartley Burr Alexander, Poetry and the individual:
      For when it drew nigh to the time of his departure and forthfaring, then were there fourteen days ere that that he was vexed and awearied by bodily ills, yet in such measure that all that time he could both speak and go about.
    • 1914, William Lewis Jones, King Arthur in History and Legend:
      Then was brought to pass that which Merlin whilom said, that there should be sorrow untold at Arthur's forthfaring.

Etymology 2[edit]

From forthfare +‎ -ing.



  1. present participle of forthfare