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From forth- +‎ speak. See Old English forþsprecan.


forthspeak (third-person singular simple present forthspeaks, present participle forthspeaking, simple past forthspoke, past participle forthspoken)

  1. (transitive, archaic) To speak forth; declare; announce.
    • 1841, The Monthly Magazine, or, British Register
      The truth
      Is not to be forthspoken to the mob,
      Unless you wish to die for it.
  2. (transitive, archaic) To reveal; divulge.
    • 1854, George Jacob Holyoake, The Reasoner: Volume 16
      All I ask is, Do the existing applications of matter forthspeak any operation of intelligent power?
    • 1854, Henry S. Sutton, Quinquenergia, or, proposals for a new practical theology
      These are the names assigned to the manifestations of God in Christ. And besides these five, none others, pure and fundamental, are found in Christian or Divine Religion. These five Energies are all which Christ forthspeaks in us and reveals.

Derived terms[edit]