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Etymology 1[edit]

From forth- +‎ speaking.


forthspeaking (uncountable)

  1. The act of speaking forth or declaring; declaration.
    • 1873, John Langdon Dudley, Tides and tendencies of religious thought:
      Revelation means nothing else. It is the forthputting, forthspeaking of the interior of God's nature, [...]
    • 2008, Herbert F. Tucker, Epic: Britain's heroic muse, 1790-1910:
      Can there be a more dubious moment in the entire poem than this precariously enjambed impersonation of prophetic forthspeaking?
  2. Prophecy.
    • 1901, Louis Wallis, An examination of society from the standpoint of evolution:
      Evolution of prophecy, or forthspeaking on behalf of the divine.
  3. Revelation.
    • 1888, Bible readings for the home circle:
      "This refers not to ordinary religious discourses for the edification of the church, but to such a forthspeaking of the mind of God in relation to truth, duty, or coming events ns the inward action of the Holy Spirit on the mind may produce."

Etymology 2[edit]

From forthspeak +‎ -ing.


forthspeaking (comparative more forthspeaking, superlative most forthspeaking)

  1. Speaking forth; declaring; prophesying.
    • 2008, Hugh Davis, The making of James Agee:
      In fact, in this political poetry Agee resembles nothing so much as the “ forthspeaking prophet” evoked by Paul Ashdown, who assumes a role “both satirical and visionary, to both attack and inspire [his] readers and to seek meaning in ostensibly trivial or grotesque events."



  1. present participle of forthspeak