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Germanic. Compare German Faser.



frazzle (third-person singular simple present frazzles, present participle frazzling, simple past and past participle frazzled)

  1. (transitive) To fray or wear down, especially at the edges.
    The new puppy has been chewing on everything, and my favorite afghan has become frazzled.
    • J. C. Harris
      Her hair was of a reddish-gray color, and its frazzled and tangled condition suggested that the woman had recently passed through a period of extreme excitement.
  2. (transitive) To drain emotionally or physically.
    After dealing with the children all day, I just can't help feeling frazzled.


frazzle (plural frazzles)

  1. (informal) A burnt fragment; a cinder or crisp.
    The bacon was burned to a frazzle.
  2. (informal) The condition or quality of being frazzled; a frayed end.
    • Rudyard Kipling
      My fingers are all scratched to frazzles.
    • Nicolay & May, Life of Lincoln
      Gordon had sent word to Lee that he "had fought his corps to a frazzle."