freak accident

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freak accident (plural freak accidents)

  1. An incident, especially one that is harmful, occurring under highly unusual and unlikely circumstances.
    • 1990, Gary Cohen, John O'Connor, Barry Commoner, Fighting Toxics: A Manual for Protecting Your Family, Community, and Workplace, p. 135:
      For the Union Carbide Company, the chemical industry, and other businesses, Bhopal is an unfortunate chain of coincidences, a freak accident, a regrettable loss of lives.
    • 1996, George W. Proctor, Before Honor, page 39:
      A freak accident during basic training left his son crushed beneath the body of an overturned supply truck.
    • 2006, Hill Harper, Letters to a Young Brother: Manifest Your Destiny, page 100:
      Even though I know what happened with my brother was a freak accident, I wish I had made choices that would have led to a different outcome.