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Alternative forms[edit]


From un- +‎ usual.


  • IPA(key): /ʌnˈjuːʒuəl/, /ʌnˈjuːʒəl/
  • (file)


unusual (comparative more unusual, superlative most unusual)

  1. Not usual, out of the ordinary.
    Synonyms: uncommon, rare, extraordinary, remarkable; see also Thesaurus:strange
    Antonyms: normal, usual, common, ordinary
    Every once in a while, though, Idol comes across an unusual talent who just blows everyone away.
    It’s definitely not unusual for a couple to meet through friends or be set up on a date.
    His behavior was unusual in that it was considered childish for a man of his age.
    I’ve had no problem with female docs. I’ve had some – how should I say it – unusual experiences with a couple of male ones. And I have heard from girlfriends about their unusual experiences as well.

Derived terms[edit]



unusual (plural unusuals)

  1. Something that is unusual; an anomaly.
    • 1905, Arthur Conan Doyle, The Return of Sherlock Holmes:
      I should say that it was very unusual for such men to leave a bottle half empty. How do all these unusuals strike you, Watson?
    • 1939, Pauline Redmond, Wilfrid Redmond, Business paper writing, a career, page 154:
      Two of these unusuals have been selected for special effort throughout the season. They are kneeling pads and water-proof garden gloves. During the bulb planting season they are displayed with the bulbs []


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