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From free +‎ -hood. Probably modelled after German Freiheit (freedom), Dutch vrijheid (freedom). More at freedom.


freehood (usually uncountable, plural freehoods)

  1. (rare or nonstandard) The state or condition of being free; freedom.
    • 2000, Lyman C. Jackson, Donna Hickey-Jackson, Jan Duncan, Your Yellow Brick Road - Grab Toto and Run!:
      A more proper term would be 'freehood', as something attained in a manner not dissimilar to the principle of a required development to achieve knighthood.
    • 1981, John Barth, Giles goat-boy:
      "Stop him once, George, he shouldn't swallow!" Leonid, supine, had decided to wave one arm and sing as he expired. "Releasedom! Freehood! Death to Selfity!"
    • 1957, John Steinbeck, Holiday:
      Freedom is not Freitum, but Freiheit, literally freehood.
    • 1897, Grant Allen, Cities of Belgium:
      Here the citizens of Ghent took the oath of allegiance to each new Count on his accession, after they had compelled him to swear in good old Teutonic style "to uphold and see upheld all the standing wits (laws), fore-rights (regulations), freehoods, and wonts of the Countship and town of Ghent."