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See frequency.


frequence (countable and uncountable, plural frequences)

  1. (obsolete) A crowd or throng; a concourse.
  2. (obsolete) Frequency; abundance.
    • 1622, Ios. Hall [i.e., Joseph Hall], “[Contemplations vpon the Principall Histories of the Nevv Testament. The Third Booke.] The Dumbe Deuill Eiected.”, in Contemplations [vpon the Principal Passages of the Holy Story], [], volume VI, London: [] I[ohn] H[aviland] for Nathaniel Butter, OCLC 55169093, pages 338–339:
      Raritie and difficultie are wont to cauſe wonder; There are many things which haue wonder in their worth, and leeſe it in their frequence; there are ſome which haue it in their ſtrangeneſſe, and leeſe it in their facilitie; Both meet in this.
    • 1914 January, Zane Grey, “The Mountain Trail”, in The Light of Western Stars: A Romance, New York, N.Y.; London: Harper & Brothers Publishers, OCLC 2804952, page 225:
      The storm-center gathered slowly around the peaks; low rumble and bowl of thunder increased in frequence; slowly the light shaded as smoky clouds rolled up; the air grew sultrier, and the exasperating breeze puffed a few times and then failed.

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