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frivol +‎ -ent. frivol is a back-formation from frivolous.


frivolent (comparative more frivolent, superlative most frivolent)

  1. (nonstandard) frivolous, trifling, silly
    • "This was an unnecessary and frivolent post that did not contain any reason or logic." — [1]
    • "You're beginning to annoy me with frivolent and useless theoretical arguments. " — [2]
    • "I'm sorry but I have personally seen so many people paid out on fraudulent and frivolent claims to have any faith in the system as it currently stands. " — [3]
    • "My serious replies tend to evoke 'I couldn't worship that sort of a God' responses. My frivolent replies are usually intended to show that some of the criticisms aimed at my serious replies aren't as well-founded as the person making them seems to think." — [4]