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Blend of fruit +‎ boutique.


fruitique (plural fruitiques)

  1. An upmarket or trendy fruitshop.
    • 1997, Bill Cooper & Laurel Cooper, Back Door to Byzantium: To the Black Sea by the Great Rivers of Europe, Sheridan House (1997), ISBN 9781574090437, page 58:
      Gustavsburg was like a seaside model village, there was a lilypond outside the Post Office where we bought some stamps (one mark! That's nearly 50 pence for a stamp!) and some fruit and vegetables at a chic fruitique close to a fountain.
    • 2004, Jean Aitchison, Teach Yourself Linguistics:
      A linguist would note with interest, rather than horror, the fact that you can have your hair washed and set in a glamorama in North Carolina, or your car oiled in a lubritorium in Sydney, or that you can buy apples at a fruitique in a trendy suburb of London.
    • 2010, Susan Kurosawa, "New York's way with words", The Australian, 16 October 2010:
      New Yorkers are crazy about organic produce and the more esoteric, the better, from pink banana pumpkins at a Greenwich Village fruitique to stinging nettle lasagna at the fantastic new Eataly indoor marketplace at Fifth Avenue and 23rd Street.