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Bunny Fucker

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Intruder MK II
Examples of machines used in films by the site Fucking Machines


fucking machine (plural fucking machines)

  1. a device utilized to bring individual(s) to orgasm.
    • 1880, Society of Vice, The Pearl[1], volume 12:
      Dear Mary, I promised to write directly when to school I returned. / But I think when this letter is finished 'twere better by far it were burned; / For a girl has just now returned to us, and bought while in town she has been / The last improvement in dildoes - the new patent Fucking Machine.
    • 2004 November 5, Dan Savage, “Not thinking about Bush”, in Savage Love[2], Boston Phoenix, retrieved May 8, 2013:
      First, if there are people out there interested in getting their minds off the election, or anything else, I can attest that reading about fucking machines — yes, they exist and, yes, they’re commercially available — is almost as good as these pictures of my boyfriend in a Speedo at 16.
    • 2008, Bonnie G. Smith, The Oxford Encyclopedia of Women in World History, volume Kaffka, Oxford University Press, ISBN 978-0-19-514890-9, page 490:
      Money cannot buy happiness, but this is not apparent from the smiling faces of the women depicted on this Web site ... even if they have been having sex with the nightmarish 'fucking machines' ...

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