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fuckknuckle (plural fuckknuckles)

  1. Alternative spelling of fuck-knuckle
    • 1997 July 1, Peter “E. Varden” Shore, “Re: Replacements”, alt.bitterness, Usenet
      The "knife" you are longing for is your own Crow. You post with sincereity, desperation, and you post like a fuckknuckle. (I know.)
    • 1998 July 31, Thomas K. Javoroski, “Re: To all fans of Gygax...”, rec.games.frp.advocacy, rec.games.frp.dnd, and rec.games.frp.misc, Usenet
      He's trying to entertain, not teach, you insufferable fuckknuckle!
    • 2005 April 5, John Lucas, “question for the Jackson fans”, alt.music.michael-jackson, Usenet
      So tell me, oh ignorant, unemployable fuckknuckle how many men and boys have to give sworn testimony before you believe that Wacko is a child molesting criminal?