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Alternative forms[edit]


fuck-knuckle (plural fuck-knuckles)

  1. (vulgar, slang, pejorative, Australia, New Zealand) An idiot.
    • 1986 June 12, Richard Martins, The Cinch (Random House Publishing Group), page 95:
      That little fuck-knuckle is into me for eighteen dimes, plus interest
    • 1998 April 21, Justin Downey, “Re: rachel is awful cute!”, alt.nuke.the.USA, aus.flame.usa, and alt.flame:
      Typical septic. Can't understand why the rest of the world thinks he's a fuck-knuckle.
    • 2002 January, Michael Cordoni, Peaches & Snitches: A Novel (Writers Club Press), page 136:
      “Cool your jets, fuck-knuckle. I've been getting an anus beating all day and I'm preparing for a federal raping tomorrow because of you two freaks...”
    • 2002 April, Terry O’Farrell, Behind Enemy Lines: An Australian SAS soldier in Vietnam (Allen & Unwin Proprietary), page 12:
      ‘Right fuck-knuckle, get into those dixies over there,’ ordered the crazy-eyed shit posing as a cook, but more closely resembling a human hog.