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From fuck-knuckle.


fucknuckle (plural fucknuckles)

  1. Misconstruction of fuck-knuckle
    • 2005, Tony Martin, Lolly Scramble: A Memoir of Little Consequence, unnumbered page,
      While we′re all sitting here having toxins pumped from our bodies, we are kept supplied with magazines about Hollywood fucknuckles who are voluntarily having botulism syringed into theirs.
    • 2009, Nick Ireland, The Popondetta Butterfly[1], page 126:
      ‘Whaddya want mate?’ he hiccupped as he concentrated on making his initials.
      ‘It′s Michael Rowe to you fucknuckle.’
    • 2011, Gemma Burgess, A Girl Like You, unnumbered page,
      ‘I go out four motherfucking nights a week. I am in bars and parties and I′m not obese or revoltingly ugly. And yet I cannot meet a decent man. It′s just fucknuckle after fucknuckle, time after time...’