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Ancient Greek φῦκος (phûkos, seaweed).


fucoid (comparative more fucoid, superlative most fucoid)

  1. Resembling or relating to seaweeds of the genus Fucus.
    • Asymmetric cell division in fucoid algae, by S. Bisgrove and D. Kropf, in the Journal of Cell Science, No. 114, 4319-4328, 2001:
      The first cell division in zygotes of the fucoid brown alga Pelvetia compressa is asymmetric ...
  2. Of sandstone: containing seaweed-like markings.
    • Calcareous siltstone, Cambrian Fucoid Beds, earth.ox.ac.uk webpage
      The Fucoid beds are quite variable in appearance in composition...The rock unit got its name from the early belief that these markings were the compressed remains of seaweeds (fucoids). Now it is thought that they are the trails left by feeding creatures on the sea floor.


fucoid (plural fucoids)

  1. A fucoid seaweed.
    • A New Fossil Fucoid, by Arthur Hollick, 1910:
      Among a number of unidentified specimens...was one of an unusually well-defined, almost perfect frond of a fucoid.

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