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See Australian slang goog (egg).


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full as a goog (not comparable)

  1. (Australia, simile, colloquial) Having eaten too much.
    • 1998, Bryce Courtenay, Jessica, unnumbered page,
      ‘I′m full as a goog, Mr Goldberg. Couldn′t manage another crumb.’
    • 2003, Michael Michalak, A Voice from the Ashes: A Tribute to Elaine[1], page 74:
      After a while I sat back and breathed a heavy sigh. “I am full as a goog!”
    • 2007, James Woodford, Whitecap[2], page 39:
      ‘Don't worry this one′s as full as a goog. It won′t get far,’ Dig yelled, watching the albatross struggle to keep itself aloft.
  2. (Australia, colloquial, by extension) Very drunk.
    • 1974, Brian James. The Advancement of Spencer Button, page 95,
      “Well, old Foll was in that bar, as full as a goog.” Mr Jennings leered with the delight that seeing old Foll full as a goog had brought him.
    • 2005, Clara M. Miller, The Eye of the Storm[3], page 147:
      Amos′s grin widened, “You mean the man was drunk?”
      Mathewson laughed out loud, “He was full as a goog but you said it, laddie, I din′t!”
    • 2007, Pip Wilson, Faces in the Street: Louisa and Henry Lawson and the Castlereagh Street Push[4], page 167:
      Jack′s as full as a goog and near the Town Hall he spews up his lunch. (Of course, neither of them today has any idea that Jack will one day be Premier of New South Wales.)