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Alternative forms[edit]


full motion video (uncountable)

  1. Video of sufficient quality to make motion appear continuous to humans, considered to require at least 16 frames per second.
    • 1985, Steven Golen, C Glenn Pearce, Ross Figgins, Report writing for business and industry
      When most companies become involved in teleconferencing, usually their first interest is in full-motion video conferencing.
    • 1989, Coming for Personal Computers: Full-motion Video (in Popular Science volume 235, number 5, November 1989)
      Originally, 72 minutes of partial-screen (one-eighth) full-motion video could be stored. These pictures are fairly coarse — worse than low-quality VCR...
    • 1992, Association for Computing Machinery, Computer Graphics
      To digitize and store a 10 seconds clip of full motion video in a computer requires transfer of an enormous amount of data []
    • 1992, PC Mag (volume 11, number 22, 22 December 1992, page 346)
      But while the small screen and grainy full-motion video on a CD-ROM [] may wow computerphiles [] , it won't impress the MTV generation.
    • 2008, Mark J P Wolf, The Video Game Explosion
      In reality, multimedia was associated first and foremost with the development of full-motion video. This fascination for a cinema-like illusion of motion []

Usage notes[edit]

  • Often used in marketing claims about video quality.


  • (video games): FMV


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