fun pack

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Alternative forms[edit]



fun pack (plural fun packs)

  1. A bag containing gifts and promotional material handed out at a conference, exhibition, or similar event.
    • 2002 July 30, “More goodies at NDP”, in Today, page 4:
      In all, 200,000 fun packs will be distributed at the three shows this year – the National Education Show, NDP Preview and on the day of the parade, Aug 9.
  2. (marketing) A small ("fun-size") package of snacks etc.
    • 2008, Frances O'Connor, Obesity and the Media (page 28)
      Companies often use pictures of kids on their packaging and make individual “fun pack” or “snack pack” servings to make their food more kid-friendly.

Usage notes[edit]

  • In Singapore English chiefly used to refer to free government-sponsored fun packs distributed to audiences at state-run events, especially the Singapore National Day Parade.