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funeral +‎ -ize


funeralize (third-person singular simple present funeralizes, present participle funeralizing, simple past and past participle funeralized)

  1. To officiate at a funeral service for, to hold a funeral service for.
    • 1851, David S. Doggett, Sermon XXII: A New Year's Admonition, in A Collection of Original Sermons (Thomas P. Akers, editor), page 468:
      Pardon me, for yielding to a temporary impulse of this character, at the hazard of seeming to funeralize, rather than compliment my congregation.
    • 1853 October, Jas. II. Carlisle, John Foster, in the Quarterly Review of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, volume 7, page 516:
      A gentleman who knew him, speaking of him to an American traveller a few years since, said — "Sir he funeralized every congregation he took charge of."
    • 1891, Elizabeth Hyde Botume, The Colored Women of the South, in the Papers read before the Association for the Advancement of Women, page 32:
      "Old Uncle Sambo make a powerful prayer when they funeralized the body."
    • 1936, Minnie Hite Moody, Death is a little man, page 202:
      With Weaver gone this way he could not even be funeralized like a regular somebody. Big Young had been funeralized the properest that Eenie had ever seen, with a fine motor hearse of light purple color, and coffin-bearers with pure.
    • 1964, Horton Cooper, History of Avery County, North Carolina, page 41:
      [...] the preacher-man was weepy- eyed when he funeralized the corpse; [...]
    • 1993, George Plimpton, Shadow Box, page 169:
      "Two of them were funeralized down there in Robbins, Georgia. I reckon they got them all." "Funeralized?" "That's right," he said in his soft voice. "They never should have fooled around with that crowd."