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gaillarde (plural gaillardes)

  1. Alternative form of galliard (dance)
    • 2005, Kate van Orden, Music, Discipline, and Arms in Early Modern France:
      At its most elemental, the gaillarde consisted of four steps or hops (pieds en l'air or grèves), a jump (saut), and a pose (posture), for which the combination was known as the cinq pas or "five steps."
    • 2005, Rebecca Harris-Warrick, editor, The Grotesque Dancer on the Eighteenth-century Stage:
      The connection of these three examples of the gaillarde step is unmistakeable. Magri says that it is one of the steps — along with jeté, chassé, and glissade — used "by all three kinds of Ballerini: Seri, mezzo Carattere and Grottesco" when two dancers dance in a Carè or square formation.
    • 2006, Louis Andriessen, Elmer Schönberger, The Apollonian Clockwork: On Stravinsky:
      Arbeau gives a lengthy description of the gaillarde, the second dance of the First Pas-de-Trois from Agon.


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  1. feminine singular of gaillard


gaillarde f (uncountable)

  1. (printing, dated) galliard: the size of type between petit-texte and petit-romain, standardized as 9 Fournier points (3.06 mm) then as 8 Didot points (3.00 or 3.01 mm)
  2. the galliard, a 16th-century European dance

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