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gajillion (plural gajillions)

  1. (slang, hyperbolic) An unspecified large number (of); a gazillion.
    • 2014, Adrian Fogelin, The Sorta Sisters:
      When Anna gets home from school, Cody is sitting on the step in front of the purple door, juggling his knees. "Ben and Cass walked by a gajillion minutes ago. What took you so long?"
      A gajillion minutes? Really?" Anna had let the others get ahead, but she never lost sight of them.
      "Okay, maybe only half a gajillion," he admits.
    • 2019, Dakota Cassidy, Witched at Birth:
      "You like Miss Winnie, don't you, Uncle Ben? Because I like Miss Winnie a gajillion times." Ben's chuckle floated to her ears. "I like Miss Winnie a gajillion times, too." Winnie hid her face in her shoulder as the hot sun beat down on her and she was overwhelmed with emotion. A gajillion was a lot of like. But she was sure she liked Ben and Lola a gajillion times more.