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garcon (plural garcons)

  1. Alternative spelling of garçon
    • 1905, Eugene Field, John Smith, U.S.A.[1]:
      And, harkee, garcon! let the blood Of cobwebbed years be spilt for him-- Aye, in a rich Burgundy flood This piscatorial pride should swim; So, were he living, he should say He gladly died for me and mine, And, as it was his native spray, He'd lash the sauce--What, ho! the wine!
    • 1916, Henry Sheahan, A Volunteer Poilu[2]:
      The garcon was a small man in the fifties, inclined to corpulence, with a large head, large, blue-gray eyes, purplish lips, and blue-black hair cut pompadour.
    • 1920, Marie Conway Oemler, The Purple Heights[3]:
      One day Henri, the garcon, murmured confidentially, as she left the cafe after a particularly slim meal: "These thin little blondes, they do not last long.