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garrulity (countable and uncountable, plural garrulities)

  1. The state or characteristic of being garrulous.
    • 1652, William Sancroft, Modern Policies:
      He ought to bee of some abilities in disputing; and what he wants in Logick, he must supply in Garrulity: for whatsoever he affirms, the interest he hath in his seduc'd hearers, improves into Syllogism []
    • 1879, Henry James, Daisy Miller, pt. 1:
      She delivered herself of a great number of original reflections. It was the most charming garrulity he had ever heard.
    • 1921, Margaret Pedler, chapter 31, in The Lamp of Fate:
      A stream of inquiry and comment issued from her lips. . . . At last Gillian managed to stem the torrent of garrulity and interposed a question.