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Alternative forms[edit]


gauntlet +‎ -ed


gauntleted (not comparable)

  1. Adorned with one or more gauntlets
    • 1876, John Esten Cooke, A Life of Gen. Robert E. Lee[1]:
      It was brought to General Lee as he sat on his horse near the Chancellorsville House, and, unable to open it with his gauntleted hands, he passed it to me with directions to read it to him.
    • 1906, Marie Hay, A German Pompadour[2]:
      One of the Duke's gauntleted hunting-gloves lay on the floor; she stooped and lifted it and put it to her lips.
    • 1912, Margaret Burnham, The Girl Aviators' Motor Butterfly[3]:
      Jess, who loved a romance, clasped her gauntleted hands.