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Alternative forms[edit]


gay +‎ boy


gayboy (plural gayboys)

  1. (LGBT) A gay man, especially a younger man or a boy.
    • 1999, Martin McDonagh, Dramatists Play Service (New York, N.Y.), The Lonesome West, page 22
      A virgin fecking gayboy, is it?
    • 2007, Barbara Ann Kipfer, Robert L. Chapman, Dictionary of American Slang, page 198
      Raoul, 24, is a cute gayboy filmmaker
    • 2009, Stephen King, Just After Sunset: Stories, page 522
      “First, though, I think you need to visit the gayboy ducking stool.
    • 2011, Douglas Clegg, The Abandoned, link
      “Two pretty gayboys,” Pete said, looking Luke in the eye. “We don't serve your kind.” “What century are we in? ... “I saw you with your ass in the air so your boyfriend here could poke you, gayboy.”

Usage notes[edit]

Sometimes also employed as a bowdlerization of fagboy. Typically used as self-referentially among gay people as a positive or neutral term but sometimes used as a negative by people with homophobic viewpoints or by gays themselves to single out a person with gayface.

Related terms[edit]