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Alternative forms[edit]


From Old English gemōt (meeting, council, moot, encounter), equivalent to ge- +‎ moot



gemoot (plural gemoots)

  1. public meeting, social gathering, folkmoot
    • How to form an Odinist Gemoot — ISBN-13: 9780950461311, 1975
    • Meetings held by ruling 'free men' were known under several names such as 'thing,' 'ding' or (ge)moot. — Wilbert Van Vree, Meetings, Manners and Civilization: The Development of Modern Meeting Behaviour, 1999
  2. judicial assembly
  3. assembly, council
    • For an instance of a Gemoot summoned by a King, see ... — Sir Francis Palgrave, The Rise and Progress of the English Commonwealth, Part 2, 1832
    • Harold was, in fact, chosen by the Witan gemoot, in accordance with English law at the time. — John Edward Fehay, The Pope and the Norman Invasion, 2008

Related terms[edit]