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  1. Archaic spelling of general.
    • 1526, Robert Kerr, A General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, Volume VI[1]:
      Moreover it seemeth that Gonzalvo de Oviedo, a famous Spanish writer, alludeth unto the sayde voyage in the beginning of the 13. chapter of the 19. booke of his generall and natural historie of the West Indies, agreeing very well with the time about which Richard Eden writeth that the foresayd voyage was begun.
    • 1560, Peter Whitehorne, Machiavelli, Volume I[2]:
      Centurions, and l. peticapitaines: I would then apoinet a generall hed, over all the main battaile: I would that every Conestable should have an Ansigne, and a Drum.
    • 1581, Anonymous, A Treatise Of Daunses[3]:
      And because it is so, S. Peter in his first canonicall or generall epistle, forbiddeth that women should appeare, shew, and sett out themselues by theyr apparayle and neatnes.