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From geo- +‎ -pathic.


geopathic (comparative more geopathic, superlative most geopathic)

  1. Relating to the theory that natural irregularities in the earth's magnetic field can be intensified by power lines, underground pipelines, and other natural and man-made features such that a stress field harmful to human health and well-being is created.
    • 1996, Jane Thurnell-Read, Geopathic Stress: How Earth Energies Affect Our Lives:
      This informative book will help you protect your health and well-being at home and at work, by explaining what GS is and how its energies react with the body;
    • 2002, Judy Hall, Crystal User's Handbook: An Illustrated Guide, page 72:
      GEOPATHIC STRESS / The Earth has its own subtle energy field and meridians (called ley lines). If the earth's grid is disturbed, creating geopathic stress
    • 2007, Herbert Ross; Keri Brenner, Alternative Medicine Magazine's Definitive Guide to Sleep Disorders, page 172:
      As geopathic stress often occurs in thin bands, relocating the bed elsewhere