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geo- +‎ slavery, coined by Jerome Dobson and Peter Fisher in 2003 and refined in 2007.


geoslavery (uncountable)

  1. The use of geolocation and geosurveillance technologies to monitor and control individuals in a coercive or surreptitious manner, with the control being overpowering and uncompensated.
    • 2010, Mark S. Monmonier, No dig, no fly, no go: how\ maps restrict and control, page 181:
      Images of antebellum plantation society aside, geoslavery has become an accepted practice among employers wary of misuse of company vehicles — whether the worker who disappears for an hour is pursuing an extramarital affair or monopolizing a stool at the donut shop []
    • 2011, Timothy L. Nyerges, Robert B. McMaster, The SAGE Handbook of GIS and Society (page 511)
      As a worst-case scenario, some scholars have also contemplated the possibility of geoslavery in this age of ubiquitous computing []


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