get a wriggle on

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get a wriggle on (third-person singular simple present gets a wriggle on, present participle getting a wriggle on, simple past and past participle got a wriggle on)

  1. (colloquial) To hurry up.
    • 1928-29, Jack Lindsay and Percy Reginald Stephensen, The London Aphrodite: a miscellany of poems, stories, and essays by various hands eminent or rebellious, London, The Fanfrolico Press, pg. 218:
      Informed our hostess a thousand times we had to leave early, and do you think she'd get a wriggle on with the tea ?
    • 2008, Darren Walton, "Don't write me off," The Advertiser, January 13, 2008, [1]:
      While accepting he needs to get a wriggle on, Australia's annual great hope remains defiant and insists he can overcome a nightmare draw and once again challenge for the Norman Brookes Challenge Cup.