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Alternative forms[edit]


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get it (third-person singular simple present gets it, present participle getting it, simple past got it, past participle (UK) got it or (US) gotten it)

  1. Used other than figuratively or idiomatically: see get,‎ it.
    If you order the pizza, I'll go get it.
  2. To understand something, to catch on.
    If they aren't getting it, explain it a different way.
    I thought it was hilarious, but she didn't get it.
    • 1994, Richard Nixon, “America Beyond Peace”, in Beyond Peace[1], New York: Random House, →ISBN, →LCCN, →OCLC, page 235:
      The 1960s counterculture created a moral and spiritual vacuum that weakens the foundations of American society. The new elite of its adversary culture has disdained traditional morality— the stress on hard work, thrift, frugality, deferred gratification, the sanctity of marriage, fidelity, sexual self-control, and individual accountability. Those who still believe in these values are branded by the new elite as quaint, politically incorrect throwbacks who "just don't get it."
    • 2006 March 16, Bryan Thompson, “I Want My Mummy”, in Totally Spies!, season 2, episode 2, spoken by Samantha “Sam” (Andrea Taylor as Clover, Jess Harnell as Jerry Lewis, and Jennifer Hale), Marathon Media, via Teletoon:
      Couldn’t you point at that shed a little sooner, Alex⁉
      Oh! Excellent! Right on shedule for your latest mission. Get it? E-heh, “shedule”?
      Yes, unfortunately we get it, Jerry.
  3. (idiomatic) To get what's coming to one: to feel someone's wrath; to receive punishment; to receive a retaliation; to receive a beating.
    After the way she spoke to him, she's really going to get it this time.
  4. (slang, euphemistic) To have sex, especially referring to its possibility or eventuality.
    He could get it if he just had more confidence.
    • 1999, Beth Boucher, Elusive Thing:
      No one's counting but it's the fifteenth time she's gotten it this week.



get it!

  1. Used to encourage someone, especially to indicate that someone is doing something well.


get it?

  1. (colloquial) Do you understand? Have you heard? (after explaining or giving an order)
    Don't ever touch my computer. Get it?
  2. Used to draw attention to a pun or other joke one has made.

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