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From ghost +‎ -kind.


ghostkind (uncountable)

  1. The whole body of ghosts or spirits; ghosts or spirits taken collectively.
    • 1894, Sarah Orne Jewett, The New England magazine:
      Sir Valentine is dead, and our friend has just announced the possibly imminent doom of the vicious powers that have usurped his proper influence and blighted his philanthropic designs for the amelioration of the ills of ghostkind and mankind.
    • 2005, Cheng Guan, A trilogy of Ch'an:
      But here again, the things that are most hateful to us are the Reincarnation into the "Three Vile Realms" (the Purgatory, the Hungry Ghostkind, and the Animalhood) in the next life.
    • 2008, Douglas Anthony Cooper, Milrose Munce and the Den of Professional Help:
      But merely passing through the first floor was, of course, a giant leap for ghostkind.