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From giant +‎ -ly. Compare giantlike.


giantly (comparative more giantly, superlative most giantly)

  1. Characteristic to, resembling, or relating to a giant or giants; giantlike.
    • James Usher, The Annals of the World
      Ten of the twelve sent to spie out the land, by speaking ill of the country, and the barrennesse thereof, and withall, magnifying the cities for their strength, and the giantly stature of the men therein; disheartened the people from marching any further towards it.
    • 1850, Diedrich Knickerbocker, A history of New-York – Page 241:
      Hard by was a formidable race of savages inhabiting the gentle region watered by the Susquehanna, of whom the following mention is made by Master Hariot in his excellent history: – "The Susquesahanocks are a giantly people, strange in proportion, behaviour, and attire – [...]
    • 1937, Aeroplane and commercial aviation news – Page 96:
      There may be a giant sea-liner feeling its way down to the sea and it would be a very awkward obstruction, even for the giantliest of giant air liners.


giantly (comparative more giantly, superlative most giantly)

  1. In a giant or gigantic manner; gigantically; enormously; immensely.
    • 2012, Braden Bell, The Kindling: Middle School Magic – Page 5:
      Lexa dropped her book. “Okay, that was giantly huge!”
    • 2012, Leni Zumas, The Listeners – Page 200:
      Why should I keep on playing a game that was so giantly stupid, named after people dead a million years, during which I was obliged to do giantly boring things like hold the end of the sheet while my sister wrap-twirled into a mummy?