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gimp +‎ -y



gimpy (comparative gimpier, superlative gimpiest)

  1. limping, lame, with crippled legs.
    • 1899, Jacob A. Riis, "The Kid Hangs Up His Stocking", in The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, LIX:2, page 175.
      Presently Gimpy, who limped, as his name indicated, spoke up.
    • 1906, "The Eathquake and After", in Current Literature, LX:6, page 576.
      Gimpy Bill" is a cripple who sold lead-pencils in Market Street. His legs have been cut off almost to the hips, and he gets around on two little platforms,
    • 1917, Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb, Those Times and These, page 186:
      "Old guy downstairs, with long hair and a gimpy leg, handed me this yere and gimme fi' cents to fetch it up here to you," stated the messenger.
  2. exhibiting deficiencies associated with the derogatory term "gimp", such as might inspire discomfort or revulsion
    One of the kittens has a gimpy eye.



  • (exhibiting deficiencies): whole

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